Thursday, January 24, 2008

What I like most about writing is...

Creating all the lives I want to live. If I can't do *everything* I want, I can put those things into my heroines and they can do them for me. My heroines can go to other countries, other worlds and realms, and indulge and enjoy all the variety that I really can't. They can meet (or be) vampires, fairies, or great cooks (nope, I'm not one of those). Dont get me wrong... I adore my husband, our children and my life... but oh, I do love to dream!

Truthfully, there is so much about writing and the writing life I love. I love the flexibility - I can write anywhere at anytime. I love that it is something I never have to retire from. I love the community of writers in my life. And, as I said, I love to live out my dreams. If I can dream it, my characters can live it and by extention so can I and my readers.

Here's to dreaming vividly!!!

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