Thursday, January 24, 2008

My Favorite Part of Writing Is...

Creating heroes.

Who doesn't like to dream about dark brooding males with broad shoulders, sleek muscles and big, uh, feet. The ones who don't talk too much but when they do, tell you how much they want you. Men who look at you like they want to devour you. All night. Men with strong hands and soft hair and oh, so cute asses. Men who won't hesitate to kill for you and will give his last bite of food to the scrawny mutt you couldn't bear to leave on the street.

Then there's Justin, the hero in my first Ellora's Cave story, "Seduced by Magic," (March 5). He's blond, which was a complete shock to me. Most of my heroes have dark hair. He's also a smart-ass, which I absolutely love. He has a ball-buster comment for everything. He's definitely not the norm for me, which is probably why he's also one of my favorites.

In upcoming stories, you'll get to read about dark-haired brooders, Antonin and Cam. Later, hopefully you'll get to meet their younger brothers, Rio and Teo.

And hopefully, you'll fall in love with my men just as I have.


Blogger seeder said...

Hi Steph.

My heroes tend to have a good sense of humor and a ready smile, as I think these are qualites that make a guy fun to live with for the long run. So your smart-ass hero sounds like just the kind of guy to fill my fantasies.

Waving madly from Canada.


January 25, 2008 at 10:25 PM  

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