Tuesday, January 15, 2008

If I could go anywhere in the world...

...I would go to Italy. It is a lifelong dream to go to Rome and visit the Sistine Chapel, travel to Florence to see the David by Michelangelo, and float in a gondola in Venice. I love Italian Renaissance art, so that would be my dream vacation. Just me, Italian art, and my charcoal and sketchbook. Heaven.

Oddly enough I am writing a book that takes place in Rome, Italy. My hero whisks the heroine off to Venice for a weekend of sex and romance. (He is desperate to get her to agree to marriage...but he hasn't admitted to himself or her that he loves her. Men!) The book keeps changing in title, but at the moment it is called Seduced by the Italian Millionaire. Yeah, it is targeted to Harlequin's Presents line. I like the rich man fantasy. I can't help it. Hubby says I married the wrong guy... LOL!



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