Friday, October 19, 2007

New Release: Fairy Dust & Magic Kisses

Marianne LaCroix
New Concepts Publishing
New Reissue!
LENGTH: Long Category

Who’s Afraid of the Big, Bad Wolf?-Jack Horner might be a lady’s man, but he was in serious trouble. When he escaped ‘justice’ in Faylin, he ended up in the Cloud Kingdom of the giant, Titus, just in time to rescue the beautiful fairy princess, Shaylee, from the giant’s amorous clutches.

Ivan and the Snow Maiden-Sasha, the snow fairy, had no idea why she was so drawn to the hunter, Ivan, but she longed for his touch and couldn’t bring herself to obey Father Frost’s order to stay away from the human.

Clara and the Nutcracker Prince-Clara had no idea how she’d gotten in limbo, or where the handsome prince, Dimitri, came from, but his caresses set her on fire, dousing any thoughts of resisting.

Rating: Carnal-this is a collection of stories, adult language and situations.

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