Saturday, January 19, 2008

If I could go anywhere in the world...

Okay, I’ll be the odd one out. It’s not Italy for me.

I would love to go to Scotland. I’ve dreamed about it so many times, seen romances play out against the background of lush, green hills and old stone structures in my dreams, that I feel like I belong there.

I want to sleep in a medieval castle. I want to stand among a ring of standing stones. I want to see in person the places I have sent my characters. I want to say, “No, thank you, I would not like any haggis today.”

However, I don’t like to fly (but I will do it when necessary, just ask Mickey Mouse). And my husband doesn’t like boats. So getting there might be trouble, because I’m not going anywhere without my hubby.

Plus there’s the whole idea that maybe I have built it up in my mind as this wonderful, mystical, pure, fresh place, and maybe I’d be disappointed if I saw the real thing.

I’d like to think all of Scotland is like my calendar pictures of that country, but I am not that naive. Still, when so many of the people in my head live there, it’s got to have something to recommend it, don’t you think?



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