Saturday, January 26, 2008

What I Like Most About Writing

I agree with the other Muses: creativity and cameraderie are both great pluses to writing. So is living lives vicariously through characters.

In real life, we all have those 'oops' moments: times when we said or didn't say the right thing.

My characters don't have to have those moments, unless I want them to.

If my heroine needs to say something brilliant and clever, or needs to make a cutting remark-- she's in luck. As the writer, I am sort of like her personal pause button. Because even if I don't have the words right then, I can easily leave the desk, go make myself a cup of tea or go for a run, all the while pondering the best rejoinder.

Sometimes I even sleep on it and wake up with just the right words.

So even when in my life an hour or a day passes, my heroine picks right up where I left her.

I wish we had a pause button like that for real life!


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