Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Three words that best describe me are....


I think as a writer, this is a must.


I try to figure things out before going bonkers. It is all in how you react to something. Hmm...take the whole LA Media thing. At first, I was angry. Then I took a few moments and examined the situation. No, my book is not being SOLD under that pub, the former MGP owner changed the name of her company (?!?!) with Bowkers and thus affected the publisher name appearing on B&N. The book IS out of print. (I had checked months ago directly with Lightning Source.)

Sorry, but yeah, I like to have control over things, like my career. I don't like bullshit. If I think someone is trying to pry away my rights as an author/person, I will fight it. I think readers/friends/fellow authors have seen me do this in the past with several publishers. Epublishing is so shady anymore, and we trust blindly on a few email exchanges. For example, I had a few books at MGP. The pay sucked. Seriously. I wasn't going to give them anything else. Then the owner started her bullshit, telling the authors they had to belong to the private author chat list. This is fine, I do that for all my pubs, but then I am told I have to be on individual email...while the authors on there chat 300+ emails a day on stupid shit like their latest trip to Taco Bell. Sorry, but I have no time for that. I wrote the owner saying I will go "Special Announcements". No, she said I had to be Indiv. Email. I said I either go Special or I quit. She immediately sent me a note that all my book rights with MGP would be returned. Hey, I saw that as a FAVOR! I told her contracting with MGP was a big mistake and took my books back. A few months later, the company closed. Now, I ask you, was that a load of nonsense or what??
Don't cross me. I won't take it. I don't do bullshit, especially involving my rights.


Blogger Ashlyn Chase said...

Yep. These words don't surprise me at all! I had to do a 5 word summary of myself on a blog once. No one could believe I used the word, Horny! (After it was publisher, neither could I!) LOL


January 30, 2008 at 5:42 PM  
Blogger Annmarie said...

You know, from being your friend for a while now, I can say your "Take no bullshit" attitude is one of the many things I love about you. I remember when the MG stuff was all happening and how you stood your ground. I think we both also have a really low tolerance for stupidity...lol...

February 5, 2008 at 12:08 AM  

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