Saturday, June 7, 2008

Making readers out of us...

I wonder sometimes, if some of us are just born to love to read. But that would mean some of us aren't. 

I like to think we are all readers, but some of us just never found The Right Book.

My daughter got her summer reading list and came home mad about it. She likes to read what she likes to read and doesn't like anyone telling her what to read. Tough cookies, right? Especially for a rising 6th grader.

It was funny, after she looked up the books on her list, and read what each was about, she had a hard time deciding which ones she DIDN'T want to read!

My children both love reading, but like I pondered above, sometimes readers take a different path. I knew a man- well, actually he and my mom dated- who had never read a single book. Even for school. Faked or flunked his way through. 

And one day he picked up GRAPES OF WRATH. Loved it. Couldn't put it down. Carried a copy of it with him EVERYWHERE. For YEARS. Probably still.

Hey, even if you only fall in love with ONE book in your life, that's pretty wonderful. Just like finding the Right Man, finding the Right Book has got to be a special thing.


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