Saturday, May 24, 2008

Is it a problem?

Is it a problem for a writer to write in more than one genre under the same name?

I'm probably the wrong person to address this, given that some of my work, like RETURN TO ME, crosses several genres within the same book. But what I mean is, can the same author write erotica, paranormal, suspense, fantasy, and sweet books? It's physically possible, yes, but is it wise?

In my Cerridwen Press book, RETURN TO ME, my characters have been lovers over and over in the past- so why make them wait now?

 In my August release from Samhain, ROMANCING THE STONES, the attraction is so intense the characters can't keep their hands off each other. 

But in my "sweet" 2004 book, OUTSIDE THE FIRE, and WINNER TAKES ALL, my newest release, my characters took longer to get to that point. They fell in love, the were very attracted to each other, but they waited. Which is okay. Right?

For me, "sweet" means no sex until the end of the book or until the characters are married. That doesn't mean there's no sexual tension, it's just not released in the old-fashioned sense until we all know there's a happy ending (no pun intended) on the way.

So with the release this week of WINNER TAKES ALL from Moonlit Press, I added a page to my website for the book, and gave it the subtitle: "a sweet novel", because while it still has my writing style, it's not going to sear you out of your comfy chair. It's going to make you feel more cozy and warm.

And sometimes we need a little cozy... sometimes we need a little heat. I like giving my readers the choice.


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