Saturday, May 17, 2008

Just one more thing...

As if I need one more thing interfering with my writing time, my computer has decided to act possessed. It randomly decides that even though there are little black bars on the connectivity icon, it is not connected to the internet.

But it is lying.

I've been fighting this for over a month now. Every fifth or sixth click will go through. The other clicks tell me I am not connected.

Much like a car when taken to the mechanic, my computer behaved like an angel when I took it to the Genius Bar at the Apple Store last week. So I know the problem is not with the airport card, or the computer itself. It's with the location, or the electrical system in my house, or... maybe my husband's computer (where the router is) just doesn't like mine.

I am wasting more writing time trying to GET on the internet than I would be normally SPENDING on the internet.

Maybe someone is trying to tell me something- like when the TV I used to have in my writing area (just for background noise) died.

Or maybe I need to have an IT heroine since I am doing so much research into the computer problem. There are tons of stories with computer geek heroes. They are very popular (I know, I married one). Why not a computer geek heroine?

If I could only get on-line...

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