Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Starting over - changing course

A writer friend of mine said something to me yesterday that was very helpful - until you submit your work, everything is a draft and therefore changeable.

I am working on a new story while waiting to hear back on another that I submitted a few weeks ago to my edotir. . Two scary places for a writer, and I am doing them simultaneously. I am not good at waiting. And being at the beginning of a project can be a challenge.

I didnt have the right opening line, wasnt sure where I was going. Each day I stared at the screen making changes that weren't helping. As of last night I was ready to junk the whole think. Bye-bye retelling of the Cinderella story. It was getting too hard.

And then my friend made that comment and reminded me that I could, if I stil liked my idea, just start over. It was a daunting thought, but I was going to get rid of what I had anyway, so truly, I had nothing to loose. I made a commitment that I would be online at the same time he was (6:30 am this morning! goodness!) and I would start from the top with a goal of writing 2,000 words.

So I was.

And I did.

And now, instead of having over 3,500 words I hated... I have about 2,000 that I like and a place to go next with my hero and heroine.

I realized, the truth is, with a lot of what we do, we can change course and correct if we have the courage to do it. I read once that an airplane is off course more than 50% of the time it is flying, but as long as it lands where it is supposed to, who cares. As long as the story is good when it's finally submitted, it doesnt matter how many times I've had to write and/or change it. I just need to courage to keep going forward and trust my idea, my goal.

I hope that this week you will trust in your goals and find the people you need to support you if you need to make a course correction. It's worth it.


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