Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Finish Line is in Sight

This week, I've had the enviable task of doing edits on my third EC story, SEDUCED AND ENSNARED, while trying to finish the fifth story in the series, SEDUCED BY CHAOS (working title).

Before I got my edits, CHAOS felt like it was languishing. I had lost sight of my hero and heroine, my secondary characters were much more interesting and there was no forward momentum to the story. And then I got my edits and suddenly, CHAOS seemed to be writing itself.

Why? Hell if I know. I can only thank the writing goddess for her kindness and go with the flow.

I do have a theory, though. S&EnS stars my favorite de Feo brother, Cam. I can't help being partial to him. For some reason, his was the easiest story to write. Cam is bossy, dominating, intractable and a know-it-all. He's also strong, committed and when you have his heart, he's yours forever. Perfect hero material. Don't get me wrong, all my heroes are perfect but Cam holds a special place in my heart.

Maybe, as I fell in love with Cam all over again doing edits, it helped me reconnect with Teodoro, the fourth de Feo brother. Teo shares a lot of the same qualities with Cam, though he's got a few hang ups. Okay, more than a few. But he's met his perfect match in Lacey and finally Teo's story is clicking along.

Teo has been a struggle and after I've written the end on CHAOS, I'll have to go back and rewrite the entire story because writing the last twenty pages has changed it that much.

But I can see the finish line ahead of me. And my fingers are flying that much faster because of it.

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