Friday, May 30, 2008

Rough week

Wow, we all have had a rough week. I haven't had any refusals this week, but I haven't sent anything out in quite some time. I am working on a book to sub to Blaze in July. I will say I have pondered the actual plotline beyond the sexy US Marshall hero. I mean, I have to be careful it doesn't stray from Blaze hot to nail biting suspense of an Intrigue. Of course I can consider Intrigue if Blaze turns it down, huh? Maybe, but the sex is, of course, front and center, just like a Blaze.

I am also looking at the Desire editor pitch contest Harlequin has advertised on their forums. I don't know if I want to rush and try to write a Desire. I don't want to take the focus off my Blaze. In case someone out there is interested, the Desire contest is here.

And Rowan, I get refusals all the time. The last I got was from an agent. She then asked for something more contemporary, hence the Blaze I am writing. So far I have gotten 4 rejections from 4 agents. And the search continues. I am going to hit it hard once I am done with this book. You just got to keep plugging away. Just because one editor doesn't like a book doesn't mean you write crap. Someone else will see the genius in the writing and offer a contract.


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