Saturday, May 31, 2008

Clock Watching

Or I guess "Calendar Watching" would make more sense.

I'm with you, ladies. The Wait is awful. I tend to forget what submissions I have out... except for that bulletin board to my left that I try not to check. It lists when I sent what to whom, if there have been any updates, and gives the dates.

I have one submission that I sent out in December of '07. It was acknowledged later that month, but I haven't heard a peep since. I don't have a charm for that book, which is probably good. Keeps me guessing. In the past, whatever object I associate with a book (a purple plastic horse for RETURN TO ME, a bag of rocks for ROMANCING THE STONES, etc) gets bumped or moved or it falls right before I hear something about its status.

Hearing something is often better than hearing NOTHING for months on end...

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