Saturday, June 14, 2008

I could use some rain myself...

Wow. Just watched the video in the last post. {fans self} We don't get rain like THAT in Virginia.

In fact, it's been frightfully HOT here these past few days.

Ever notice how some men (and women maybe? I don't know... not running around smelling EVERYBODY! giggle)  smell YUMMY on a hot day, and some just...stink?

I read an article in Psychology Today a few months ago that discussed the fact that women who like the way their men smell have a much lower divorce rate. Made sense to me. Smelly guy... push away. Intoxicating scented guy, bring him closer. No study necessary.

But the study went on to mention that they'd also taken shirts worn by various men and allowed a group of women to smell them, and typically the women were attracted in person to the same guys whose shirts they picked out as smelling good.

Must be something to it. I LURV the way my husband smells. Any day of the week.

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