Sunday, March 2, 2008

What Do I Find Sexy/Romantic in a Man…

Sexy is…

…my husband’s arms, especially his forearms. He’s a drummer and that must have something to do with it. Watching him play, those sinews twisting and flexing. Don’t even get me started on the look on his face when he’s drumming. Heavens, it’s enough to make my feet tingle.

…a man’s arm settling protectively on your arm or lower back, even if you don’t need protecting.

…catching him looking at you with a warm glint in his eye.

Romantic is…

…walking in to find he has put away the dishes(even if I have to look around to find what I need), folded the laundry (even if he doesn’t do it the way I would), or swept the floor. And he doesn't expect a parade for it.

…when he gets up first and gets the newspaper or puts out the dog.

…arriving with the DVD of a TV show you loved as a kid, that he’s never heard of, but he buys it anyway. And watches it with you. Even if he has no idea why it appeals to you.

…bringing you a Twix when he stops by the store on his way home.

…just sitting quietly together. Anywhere.

Mmmm… I need to go write now…

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