Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What I Find Sexy/Romantic in a Man Is...

Okay, I will admit, I have a weakness for men who are big, blond and dangerous. Love it. I think that came about long ago. Love blonds. Then I saw Lucius Malfoy played by Jason Isaacs. OMG... I was inspired. Of course, Lucius in Descendants of Darkness [book] was inspired by Jason Isaacs in that blond wig. Hubba hubba. Readers like him...loved him. Yeah, I had a few readers thinking I was a direct link to Lucius. The book went on to be a RT Top Pick and a Reviewer Choice nominee (2004).

I've written a lot of books since, but it wasn't until Crossed Swords [book] that I revisited my image of the ultimate male--big, blonde and dangerous--with Captain Fredrick Thorne. He is a mixture of Lucius the vampire but with a slight change. He looked more like Ryan (pictured), one of EC's models. The book was one of thos stories that flowed from me onto the computer. I took a chance and wrote my passion--historical romance. It isn't vampires or wolfies, but the hero was much more real to me as a pirate bent on forcing his captive into his bed. I didn't expect much in return for the book, but I hoped readers would be swept away into the pirate fantasy. I am happy to say Romantic Times BOOKClub magazine gave it the "nod". Crossed Swords is an April 2008 Top Pick!

I wanted to write a sequel featuring Fredrick's brother, Malcolm, but I hesitated because historical erotic romance isn't as popular as dark paranormal. But now I changed my mind! More blond, big and dangerous heroes are in store as they set sail for adventure on the high seas.

Okay, so sexy man to me is blond and goreous.

Romantic is something beyond looks. The most romantic man is a man in love and is willing to stand by his woman. That is my husband. He believes in me and my writing. His endless support is the most romantic thing. I love him.

Yes, every hero I write--no matter his hair color--has a little of my husband mixed in there.

Yo ho! Yo ho! A Pirate's life for me!!! Drink me harties, yo ho!

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