Sunday, February 24, 2008

MY Guilty Pleasure Is...

My guilty pleasure is SLEEP.

I have to wake up first in my house, because I need to get MYSELF ready for work before I wake the kids to get ready for school.

And even though I am not the last to go to bed, I am the last to fall asleep. My mind takes a while to slow down and rest.

However right around 3PM, if I am anywhere near a chair or a couch or my bedroom, I fall asleep. Especially if I have had any sort of sugary snack. In fact, if I eat something sweet, no matter WHAT time of day it is, I get sleepy.

And when I fall asleep, I am out like a light. It only last a half an hour or so, due to the kids and the dog, but it's wonderful.

Part of my guilty pleasure is that I almost always come up with story ideas while sleeping. Sometimes if I am stuck in a plot spot, the dreams I have will work it out and I wake with ideas of how to fix a story.

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