Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My guilty pleasure is...

Hmm... I think I have too many of these. But I suppose the things I do to procrastinate (like solitaire games on the computer) dont count.

The first one that comes to mind is that I love E!'s "reality" series "The Girls Next Door" about the three women who are Hugh Hefner's girlfriends and live at the Playboy Mansion. I envy their lifestyle - money, freedom, parties. But I also like their personalities and individuality. I can't explain it, but I guess that is one the things that makes it a guilty pleasure.

I also enjoy playing on Webkinz, just like my kids. There's something fun (and addictive) about the whole world. I guess it is a throw back to wanting my stuff animals to come to life. There's my kitten, walking, sleeping, eating and playing. It is great fun.

I think guilty pleasures keep us grounded, real. And I love when I share one with someone and find out.. it's their's too!

Have a great week!

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