Thursday, February 28, 2008


What I find sexy: Kissable mouth, broad chest, nice ass, six-pack abs. Dark hair, blue eyes and a five o'clock scruff that he rubs all over your naked body. Someone who towers over you, makes you feel safe, protected.

What I find romantic: A guy who doesn't talk all over you but who can actually string a few intelligent words together. A man who won't balk when you want to watch "Pride and Prejudice" for the 10,000th time but who enjoys taking you to a game (any sport, pick your poison). One who commiserates with you when you've had a rotten day and saves his griping for the next.

Alpha males are sexy. The broodier, the better. Give them a tragedy and it will make them stronger but it will break something in them that only the love of a good woman can fix. Give them hardship and they will overcome it to be hugely rich and successful. And still be able to give a woman the emotional connection she craves.

A romantic is a guy who isn't afraid to laugh at himself, hug his best friend, kiss his kids and tell his significant other he loves them.

When you find all these qualities in the same guy..he's a keeper.


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