Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Attention Writers from the Northwest Florida and Southwest Georgia

I love my local chapter of the RWA in Jacksonville, Florida. The gals there rock. But with the rising cost of gas, it isn't economical to drive 3 hours to Jacksonville for a meeting. So, I am looking in to starting a RWA chapter here in the Tallahassee, Florida area. Published and unpublished writers are welcome.

A local RWA chapter would meet once a month, usually one Saturday a month. We may start out at every other month. Right now I am looking at the Leon County Library system to be the place where we would meet. Each meeting we would present a workshop in the morning and have a chapter meeting where members vote on issues pertaining to the chapter like holding contests, fund raising, etc. We can also do critiques for each other, or whatever the members need to advance their writing skills. Basically, the chapter is a support group for writers serious about the craft and paving the way towards publication.

Be aware that members of a RWA chapter must also be members of the RWA national organization. Visit their website at http://www.rwanational.org/

If you are interested in helping start a local romance writer chapter, please contact me at mariannelacroix (at) gmail.com


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