Saturday, June 21, 2008

Writing the Naughty Bits

The first sex scene I ever wrote into one of my stories, I wrote in high school.  I was hopelessly naive and inexperienced. I showed the scene to my best male friend and asked him if what I'd written was physically possible. To his credit, he was all seriousness as he read it for me and signed off on the logistics.

The detailed scenes I write now make me blush when I reread them. I've even claimed to have typed a few with my eyes shut. And I still edit the scenes out before I let my mom read any of the books. Not because she'd run screaming from the room. Quite the opposite: she'd want to TALK about them. And I just can't do that with my mom.

I love writing books where the characters get to the point in their relationship that the passion overcomes them and they  take that next step. Over and over again. I also love reading books like that. A strong plot, but with sex an integral part of the plot.

But I don't want to discuss it with my mom.

My grandma maybe, but not my mom ; )


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