Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Managing "real" life with a "writing" life

I suck at time management. I know it and can freely admit it. Since I have two young sons it makes finding time to write even more difficult. I spend a lot of late nights writing while my house is quiet. I am home alone on Mon/Wed/Fri when both kids are in school so I try to use that time as well. I'm known for taking the kids to school while still in my pajamas and picking them up the same way. I get some looks from some of the moms, lol, but that's alright.

I also have a huge calendar where I keep track of days kids are off school, lunch dates, days I'm supposed blog where, dates edits are due. Which reminds me... I recently got a Jack Russell puppy named Max and I forgot to make his next vet appointment... I need to do that tomorrow... In fact, I better start making my list now of what I need to do in the morning!



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