Sunday, July 13, 2008

Summer Solutions

I've had a hard time reconciling keeping the kids busy and entertained with me getting in Writing Time.

My computer is next to their computer. No matter what time I come up to work, one of the kids pops up here and wants to go on their computer. 

If I go downstairs with a notebook and a pen, the other one wants to watch TV, or read a book and ask 42 questions.

If I take them somewhere, it's hard to write. I mean, I can write while they bowl or play games at Chuck E Cheese's, but there are some scenes I just CAN'T WRITE while kids are running around. And there's no writing at the movies or the museum or the zoo.

My husband carries TWO laptops to work. No idea why. Finally this past week he left one of them home a few days. I logged in on the laptop and accessed my files from my computer and I got WORK DONE. Yes!

(hey! Surprise.... the little one just came up to find songs on iTunes... guess I better go.)


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