Saturday, June 28, 2008

Getting the Hint

I watch too much TV. At least I think I was going to watch too much. 

I get bored on Saturdays and the lure of the TV draws me close. I start channel surfing. But almost every time I turn on the TV, one of my kids wanders in (is there some secret sound it emits that signals all children to run  near when they hear it?). Somehow the TV Gods have timed it so that at the exact moment someone under age 12 enters the room, whatever show I was watching becomes Unacceptable.

Either the comedian I'm watching suddenly decides to drop f-bombs (even though the show is on at 11AM), or the FitTV show where they were discussing science of digestion goes off on a tangent where 7 male volunteers are going to eat raw garlic every day and then we all get to hear how their erections improved. (This led to a long digression where I tried to convince my 8-year old that they were actually talking about erector sets... I think he bought it.)

Not sure about you, but this isn't family TV in our house. I am not one to ask for censoring of TV or books. Ever. I have the magic power to turn the set off or not buy the book if I don't want it around. We have the responsibility of using that power on ourselves, not on others. Unless they are our own personal kids.

I don't DVR the shows, either, because I'm never going to have a kidless moment to get back to it.

I think what I should actually realize here is that Someone Somewhere is trying to tell me to turn off the TV and go get some writing done.

So I will.


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