Saturday, July 19, 2008

Fantasy Decorating

If I could wipe my home clean of everything and redecorate with no worry over cost or opinions of anyone else in the house (which would never, ever happen), I think... no, I KNOW, I would have such a weird house. But it would be cool.

I'd have dark colors on the walls and floors (so what if I ever wanted to sell the house I'd have to repaint in light colors to make the rooms look bigger? It's not like I'm going anywhere. If the house was perfect for ME, why would I leave?).

I'd have thick, sinfully thick, carpet upstairs.

I'd have artwork everywhere on the walls, not just over the couch.

Tons of pillows. Everywhere. All sizes, shapes, and colors.

I'm not sure how, but I know there would be faeries and dragons... I'd have Celtic designs mixed with Asian influences... Noise and sparkles and things hanging from the walls. Lots of cloth (yeah, I know, lots of dust. So what?)

I might even paint one whole wall in chalkboard paint, just because.

Hm. I'm in an odd mood. My husband better hide my Lowe's credit card just in case.


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