Thursday, May 1, 2008


If you've ever judged a writing contest or have critique partners, the rule of thumb to critiquing is to start with the positive. Before you take out the nail gun and press the trigger.

I've been blessed with good critique partners who know how to articulate their concerns. And though I can be downright pigheaded, I try to see past the fact that my partner found something wrong with my perfect ;) writing to see what made her stumble. That process has helped me hone my writing to the point that I've sold six books and have signed with an agent to help me sell more.

That doesn't mean I still don't get that little sting in my heart when another writer tells me something doesn't work. My first response...Poor deluded fool doesn't know what she's talking about. Second response...Jeez, I must suck. Third...Screw it, I'm not changing it. Fourth...Damn, I really must suck. And so on for about the next 24 hours until I realize that what made her stumble was one word or one phrase. Okay, maybe I don't suck.

Yes, I know I have a problem but there's no Writer's Anonymous. And I wouldn't go anyway. I don't want to be cured of the compulsion to write because there are so many bonuses, like creating a world where magic is commonplace and Gods and Goddesses walk among us.

And then there are the good reviews.

I got two great reviews in the past two weeks for SEDUCED BY MAGIC . One from and another from Night Owl Romance.

I have to admit, other than the review from RT magazine, which I knew was coming, I hadn't given much thought to reviews...until I saw those 4 1/2 stars and realized I wasn't writing in a vacuum anymore. People I'd never met were going to read my book. And have an opinion on it. One I might not like.

So far, the reviewers have willingly taken the plunge into my world of Etruscan magic. And it's gratifying to realize they're enjoying the ride. And if they are, hopefully other readers are too.

Yes, good reviews are an ego-stroke. And what writer doesn't love a good stroke?

What about you? What are your thoughts on critique partners and reviews?

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