Thursday, April 10, 2008

The best lesson I've learned since getting published...

I would have to agree with Catherine a lot on this one - surrounding myself with other writers who are putting their butts in their chairs day after day has been an important part of finishing and submitting more manuscripts. The process of writing is solitary, but I have found that more than ever, it is great to have people I can talk to about my work and from whom I can receive encouragement and support.

Personally, I've also learned that I cannot take too much time off between projects. A few days, for me, can easily become a week and then longer since starting a new project can be daunting. Now, not only do I not take more than a weekend, but I am sure to make notes on my next project while finishing my current one. In addition, during the editing process, I try to take a full week off from the current manuscript so that I can edit with relatively fresh eyes. During that week, I start work on my next book so that when one is done, I'm excited about and ready for the next.

And I suppose, finally, I've learned that you can never do too much marketing. Myspace, posting excerpts, getting reviews... anything positive that can create a buzz for your work and your name is good.

On that note... I think it's time for me to get back to finishing the edits of my newest work. I built a whole world for this one, and I am looking forward to sharing it with this world!


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