Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The light IS at the end of the tunnel

Hey everyone,

Today is my day to post and I do have some stuff going on in the career to mention.

I went to the Southern Lights Conference this weekend in Jacksonville, FL. OMG it was great. I had so much fun and made some great networking connections. I was asked to send partials by 2 editors and an agent. I am busy at work on one and will send off before RT. I will get the second done right after RT. Successful weekend all around! I feel the big break is on the horizon.

Yes, as I mentioned, I am going to RT. I am already gathering all my promo items to pack and lug on up to cold Pittsburgh. I do hope the snow is done up north by the time the conference comes. I don't know if I am being shuffled to the Omni yet. At this point, no news is good news, I guess. I am going to invest in one of those rolling carts though. JC Wilder suggested it to ease the carrying-everthing-around-the-conference mode.


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