Sunday, April 13, 2008

Howdy all!

Hey all. I thought I would pop in and give an update. I haven't posted in a few weeks, and I do appologise for that. I have just been doing some thinking, writing, planning, etc. I went to a conference and some great feeback on my works. Right now I am going to concentrate on getting an agent. One agent looked over my stuff and said she liked my contemporary voice better than my historical voice. (!?!) So, what could I write? I settled on writing a Blaze. I am also planning a Desire as well. I read both those lines, in addition to Presents, so why not, right? I am writing my Blaze sub along with Tierney Linn who is starting one as well. And the Desire, author friend Samara King and I will be writing along together with our subs. Should be a great next 2 months. I am determined to sell to NY, particularly Harlequin, this year. (No, I am not too interested in Spice right now. Writing above 60K is intimidating to me...for the moment.)

I am also revving up to get going to RT this week. I won't be posting on my normal day. (ha! As if I posted for the past few weeks!) I do hope everyone who is in the Pittsburgh area comes and says hello either during the convention or the Saturday Book Fair. I should also be at the Ebook Expo on Wednesday as well.

Also, look for the "Feel the Passion" buttons at RT! Annmarie Ortega, Stephaine Julian and I will be handing them out and a basket will be full of them on promo alley!


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