Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Hollywood gone nuts!

I took the kids to school today and decided to stop at McDee's for my breakfast and then head on over to Walmart to get a chair mat for my new office. (You know, the clear mat you put on the floor so your chair rolls better.) I also picked up a few rag mags (People and InTouch...which I think are run by the same people as the same pictures are featured sometimes.) Anyway, I was shocked to find out Owen Wilson tried to commit suicide. What the hell? His brother found him bleeding on Aug 26th after he's slit his wrists. Dear Lord! Now, for some reason, he'd be the last person in Hollywood I would expect this type of behavior from. Was I shocked when Brian Keith shot himself years ago after being diagnosed with cancer? Not really. My dad was dying of cancer and I saw how it made the manly man deteriorate. So no, I wasn't surprised. I understood. But Owen Wilson?

Of course we all assume sex, drugs and alcohol is rampant in Hollywood. He probably did it all. If Lindsey Lohan is any example... It really makes me wonder where they dig up the "stars" of today. Lindsey is so far into a bottle, she can't swim her way out. It took Nicole Richie to get knocked up to friggin' eat.... And Paris Hilton...poor little rich girl... The whole lot of them should be bitch slapped. Seriously. And so does Owen, once he recovers from this. But will there be a next time?

Owen, Owen, Owen. Don't date those women in Hollywood, hon. They are no good. They will break your heart. Look at J. Lo and Ben...All that fuss years ago about them getting engaged and she turned around and married another man. Don't get me started on the Jen Aniston-Brad Pitt-Angelina Jolie mess. I still don't believe Jen is over Brad completely, and she never will. Hello, she loved him and had him stolen away...hard to recover from. Don't end up like that mess. Go somewhere non-Hollywood and meet a nice girl who can tame you and make you a good mate. Dude, you deserve better than some fickle Hollywood type.

Why do I care? My daughter loves ya! Okay, she'd 5 and you were the voice for McQueen in Cars, but that is beside the point.

Okay, now I can go back to my non-Hollywood gossipy life of a stay at home mom writing sex books for money. (And yes, the mat makes my chair roll much easier. It is the little joys in life that make it worth living.)

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Blogger Red Garnier said...

I LOVE Owen Wilson. I was shocked to read about this, too. Owen, people love you. Whatever it is, it can't be THAT bad. Please get better because we want you well!
Great post, Mari, and those mats sound fabulous. =) Enjoy, lol.

September 5, 2007 at 12:55 AM  

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