Sunday, July 29, 2007

Crit partners

I belong to a crit group like many authors. We call ourselves the Pink Martinis. I can’t tell you all how wonderful it is to hang out with these ladies and talk writing. Yesterday I met with two of the other members (there is usually 4 of us but one couldn’t make it) and we had a very productive day. Three of us were starting new stories and we brainstormed and plotted out three books, Black Heart’s Bride was one of them. I am very excited about the story and used today to write down everything that we discussed to happen. I totally love the plotline. I was accused of being in love with my hero, Captain Mendoza. You know, I think a writer has to fall in love with their hero a little. At least that is my opinion.

My crit group is a great group of ladies living in Florida: Margaret “Glen” McCafferty, Tara Greenbaum and Shannon Greenland. Glen is working on a great idea for a novella for the Ellora’s Cave younger man/older woman series. I think the story has big possibilities. I hope she gets to work on it so I can read it. Tara plotted out a EC Quickie featuring a ghost! It’s a great idea. Pretty sure it is going to be hot. Yeah, they are both hoping to get a foot in the door at EC. I probably gush over EC a lot. I can’t help it, I do like it there.

Tara is over at Echelon with a short story, Traffic Jam. If you haven’t read it, go now and get it. It’s wonderful. Looks like she wil be coming to Red Rose Publishing with a short contemporary romance involving a Navy SEAL.

Glen and I are going to the GA conference in Sept. I am hoping Tara will come along too. Should be a lot of fun. I am hoping to chat a bit more with the agent I am interested in having rep me.

My only crit partners aren’t the Pink Martinis. I crit with Sloan McBride. She is a newbie author with two books coming out over at NCP soon. I think one is a historical and one is a time travel. She is working on a paranormal fantasy right now that was requested by NY. I am crossing my fingers for her. She doesn’t write erotic, so every time I write something like “cunt” she highlights it, questioning its use. It’s kind of funny. I didn’t let her read all of Crossed Swords though. There in parts in it I think would make her very nervous. LOL

I definitely thing any author out there wanting to improve their writing needs to get with a partner(s) to plot and crit. It is all a learning experience.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Intro Red Garnier

Hello!! Okay a brief intro and about me!!

I'm thirty two, happily married, and proud mother of two. I published my first story with Ellora's Cave on May 18th, 2007 titled SPIN DEVIL - a very hot, kinky tale.

SPIN DEVIL is an exotika quickie which received 5 angels and a FAR recommended read from FALLEN ANGEL REVIEWS to my utter delight!!!!!!!!!! SPIN IT AGAIN followed, newly released in July 4th, and my upcoming releases are:

DIVINE ASSISTANT, out August 17th from Ellora's Cave

VILLAIN, out August 21st from LOOSE ID

My web address is;
I blog at:

It is my pleasure to join this fabulous group of talented ladies in PASSION'S MUSES! Please visit us often. We'll strive to have contests, info, and many attractive topics for your enjoyment!!

Happy reading, happy writing!


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Introduction: Marianne LaCroix

I thank Rowan West for letting me join this new author group, Passion's Muses. A great group of ladies here....lots of talent.

My intro to the group and world--

My name is Marianne LaCroix and I write erotic and sensual romance. I've been writing seriously since 2003 when I had my first story published, LADY SHEBA. I joined Ellora's Cave about 2 years ago and I am very happy there. My EC books are LADY SHEBA (reissued last year--revised & lengthened), DESCENDANTS OF DARKNESS (a 2004 RT Reviewers' Choice nominated book), ETERNAL EMBRACE, SCORION KING, BEAST IN MY BED, BRIDESMAID AND THE BEAST (new), DREAMS OF THE OASIS III (2006 CAPA winner), and SEA HAWK'S MISTRESS (new). I also have books with New Concepts Publishing, THE GLADIATOR and FATED PASSION, and loveyoudivine, MY ENEMY, MY LOVER and HER MASKED LOVER.

Books scheduled still for 2007 include SEDUCTIONS from loveyoudivine (print collection), CROSSED SWORDS from Ellora's Cave in their Torrid Tarot series, FAIRY DUST & MAGIC KISSES from New Concepts Publishing, and RESCUE ME from Red Rose Publishing.

I am plotting out BLACK HEART'S BRIDE, Captain Lorenzo Mendoza's story, a character from SEA HAWK'S MISTRESS.

I am all over the web (it seems):

I blog at:

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Welcome to PASSION'S MUSES - where inspired romance begins!

Hello readers!

I am Rowan West and I am thrilled that you are here to learn more about Passion's Muses and the authors who a part of this great group. We are all, in addition to being writers, wives and mothers so I hope you will find that not only do you love our books, but that you connect with us as women as well.

It has been my dream to be a published author since I was in my late teens and now (over 25 years later), that dream has come true. Back in February, Ellora's Cave bought my book and on August 17th ROLL PLAY will be available for download. As we get closer to the date I will tell you more about Amara's and Griffin's passionate love story.

In the meantime, feel free to leave comments about what you'd like to know about us and what you enjoy about reading romance.

May you find inspiration for all of your dreams,

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